The Ultimate Accessories: 4 Phone Add-Ons You Need And 3 To Skip

There are hundreds of different accessories available for cell phones, but how many can one little device accommodate – and how many do you really need? Depending on how you use your phone, certain add-ons offer great advantages, such as […]


Staying Healthy In Your First Year Of College

If you don’t want to fall into that freshman fifteen issue and gain some weight your first year of college, you are going to have a little more work to do than just some schoolwork. It might not be easy […]


3 Responsibilities Every College Student Needs to Keep Track Of

Going off to college can be an incredibly exciting time. You are finally free from the tyrannical reign of your parents and able to live life exactly as you want to! The only problem is that after leaving home, you […]


College Solutions: What to Do With All Your Stuff

College is a time of little personal space. As if being squeezed with another human being into a tiny dorm isn’t enough, you’re forced to share a bathroom with an entire house and you’re hardly ever alone. Despite the lack […]


Reasons Ditching the Dorm in College is a Good Idea

Colleges can be lumped into many different categories, but there are specific things each are known for. There are the colleges where everyone goes to be very serious about their degree, and there are the colleges people go to when […]


PAX East 2016: We Happy Few Impressions

One of the most interesting, fresh, and original games I played at PAX East called “We Happy Few.” Included here are a few things to know about this psychedelic thriller. History Created by Compulsion Games, We Happy Few has a […]

Video Games

PAX East 2016: Death Squared Impressions

Go no further than SMG Studio’s Death Squared if you’re looking for a cooperative game to both frustrate your spatial sensibilities and tickle your puzzle-hungry brain. With either 2 or 4 players, the point of the game is to navigate […]

Video Games

PAX East 2016: Top 10 Games of Show

Perhaps one of the most popular shows in the gaming industry is the Penny Arcade Expo (PAX).. Most recently, the PAX East 2016 festival was held in Boston. Included here are the 10 best games of the show: 1. Pyre […]

Video Games

PAX East 2016: Pit People Impressions

The game designers behind The Behemoth have brought out a new facet of their imagination with their work in progress, Pit People. It’s a 2D hex-based concept, with enough intrigue to make it one of the most unique presentations in […]

Video Games

PAX East 2016: Divinity: Original Sin 2 Impressions

At this year’s PAX East, Larian Studios brought part of their Divinity: Original Sin 2 universe for gamers to try out, specifically showcasing multiplayer combat. The campaign portion of the game promises to be a broad single player or co-op […]