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Whether you’re starting college, transferring to a new school or just coming back from a well-deserved winter break, here are some apps for your new mobile devices that will help you breeze through the upcoming semester.

Apple Apps: Facebook

Nowadays, this social media site pretty much serves as the foundation to your college social life and should now be taken with your everywhere you travel. You no longer have to wait to get to a computer to find out what your friends are doing, saying or complaining about, you can now be nosey on the go. The Facebook app is free and also serves as an icebreaker or a quick and safe way to exchange contact information with that “hottie” or new friend you just met at a party or campus event. Update your status, post a funny picture of you and friends, and organize an upcoming event on campus and much more in minutes.

Apple Apps: Mixology: Drink Recipes

You can now be the life of the party with this free app. Over 8,000 drink recipes at your fingertips for you to impress your friends with. You no longer have to worry about hosting that party or ordering the same thing when going out with friends. This app will help get your creative alcoholic juices flowing in no time. Mixology will also allow you to locate nearby liquor stores and bars, which will serves as a life-saver when it is your turn to go out on a beer run.

Apple Apps: Angry Birds

This is one of the top games in the app store for your apple device and is for good reason. This game is insanely addicting and is very easy to learn. There are plenty of levels to play through and will no doubt keep you entertained in that dull chemistry class or busy as your wait for your next class to begin. At the same price of your favorite healthy selections at your local fast food joints, the $0.99 is well worth the trade-off. With this app in your pocket, moments of boredom should be a thing of the past.

Apple Apps: EZ Read++

This $1.99 app will let you search and browse many sections on in minutes. Out drinking last night and forgot to study for that English literature quiz? Or are you having a hard time understanding that Shakespeare mumbo-jumbo No worries. With EZ Read++, you can now review detailed plot summaries, key facts and much more on many different subjects and books on the fly. This app will make sure you are fully prepared for class.

Apple Apps: Balance

You know as well as I know that college can be very hard financially. Between going out to eat, all the partying and shopping, it can be very difficult to manage your money properly. Now with the Balance app, balancing your checking or savings account will be an easy A! This free app serves as a digital checkbook and will allow you to plan and keep track of any transaction you make on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. You should no longer miss a function or event due to not having the funds for it.

There are over 300,000 apps in the Apple app store to choose from, However these five will get your LAID! Not quite, but these five apps will make college life more enjoyable. The icing on the cake!

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