Captain Morgan Launches Captain’s Conquest Mobile Game

captain’s conquest

When first hearing about “Captain’s Conquest,” it was hard to take seriously. Although on further review, the new mobile game actually sounds pretty tight. Of course drinking a few Captain and Coke’s would make it even better. Picture being a character across the table in one of those Captain Morgan commercials while playing Battle Ship. That pretty much sums up this game.

Users battle opponents by firing cannons at their ships. Players attempt to move up in the rankings from Stowaway to Captain of their own fleet. Trying to tap in on the social aspect, “Captain’s Conquest” encourages players to use Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare. This occurs by conquering territory and checking in at real world locations. People can scope to scan using Captain Morgan bottles and maps to show their ships and enemy locations featuring local bars and restaurants through GPS.

The mobile game will be available tomorrow through Apple’s App Store and Android Market. Check out an official trailer to the mobile game that combines three things we love; drinking, social media and gaming.




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