The Resurgence of Rock Band: What to Look Forward to with Rock Band 4

Several years ago, if you were to ask video game fans what their favorite party-style video game was, the majority would have said Rock Band. It seemed unstoppable in both the Guitar Hero and Rock Band franchises, as developers emerged […]


Will Super Smash Bros. 4 Overtake Melee in the Competitive Gaming Scene?

Arguments over which games and installations of game brands are the best for competition are bound to pop up amongst any group of avid gamers. It’s because of this aspect of the gaming community that the Nintendo brand’s game development […]


Will Halo 5 Be The Best Halo Yet?

Halo 5: Guardians is already exciting players and making waves with its recently concluded beta test. With a release date of fall 2015, fans are trying to decide if it will be the best Halo of the series. New Hero, […]


Top 5 Most Anticipated Games of E3 2015

After a 2014 that was middling or deeply upsetting for many gamers, it isn’t a surprise that most are hoping for a strong 2015 and 2016 to ease the sting of disappointment. The first several months of 2015 offer a […]


The Order: 1886 Review

The Order: 1886 takes place in an alternate version of London, blending fantasy and horror elements with history and its myths. The Graphics The graphics of The Order: 1886 are strong, showing off what the new generation of consoles can […]


Hive Jump: First Impressions

Can you recall a time when you and your friends dumped quarter-after-quarter into arcade game machines to reach that next level, so engrossed in the action on-screen that time and money became unimportant? If so, Hive Jump, a new side-scrolling […]


Resident Evil Revelations 2: Review

Resident Evil Revelations 2 continues upon the foundation laid by its acclaimed handheld predecessor. The first installment of the episodically released game hit consoles on February 25th and will continue to add a new chapter every week. The game is […]


Dying Light: Review

Dying Light is an open world game filled with zombies of many kinds, from the easier to handle Biters to the terrifying Virals that are agile and will try to dodge your attacks. In order to take down the vast […]


Just Shapes and Beats: First Impressions

This quirky game is, as its name suggests, based on the perfect marriage of two simple things: Shapes and beats. Just Shapes and Beats is challenging enough that you’ll get used to dying, but you won’t mind because you’ll be […]


No Time to Explain: First Impressions

Let’s take some time to explain┬áNo Time to Explain. Sometimes, a man’s only friend is his laser cannon jet-pack; in these instances, his only adversary his himself from the future. Indie Credibility This title shows the staying power of indie […]