6 PC Games That Are Perfect for a Rainy Day

So it’s raining and you’re stuck indoors without anything to watch on television? Don’t worry: there are plenty of great PC games to make your day worthwhile. Here are some great PC games suitable for any rainy day. 1. Bioshock […]


5 Ways to Reap the Benefits of College Football

Basketball season officially ended with the Heat narrowly taking the Championship Title after a grueling seven-game series. Heat and Spurs fans alike are hanging up their hats, and many are already taking to Facebook and Twitter, lamenting the lack of […]


How to Throw a Game of Thrones Party

Winter is coming. Okay, maybe it’s not (yet), but this summer is a great time to get everyone together to celebrate George R. R. Martin’s fantastic novels and the hit HBO series Game of Thrones. Everyone’s talking about it; why […]


Funny Or Die? Be Dude…Bro

Dude V.S. Bro. Every since puberty we’re being groomed to be manoliths of the kingdom of male-hood. But, as we all know we gotta keep control of our earthy follicles of hairy mandom. No one wants to see your blankets […]


Last Minute Tips for Graduation Parties

Want the best advice ever for planning a graduation party? Have the party a place where the host is comfortable, clean-up is easy and it’s worth showing off. This can be anywhere from the garage to a restaurant, but keeping […]


A Beginner’s Guide to Regional American Music

With 50 states and almost 314 million people, the music of the United States is varied and diverse. Rooted in the country’s multi-ethnic culture and history, American music has changed the world, with some of the biggest recording artists of […]


7 Go-to Songs for Any Wedding Reception

A wedding is a grand celebration of the union of two people and the start to a new life together. Friends and family gather from near and often far to take part in these festivities and to kick off the […]


How American Idol Judges Get Their Jobs

One of the many reasons American Idol as popular as it is, are the colorful personalities behind the judges’ table. The show wouldn’t be half as successful (or interesting) if the judges were dull, humorless people who contributed nothing to […]


Bear Crosses The Border

A titillating video which is sure to get a chuckle. I could barely hold back the giggles, pun intended. The Labatt Blue commercial that has gone viral on the Internet is full of puns itself. A frisky bear being frisked […]


The Top 5 Speaker Companies

There are literally thousands of speaker companies in the world, and many of the best products on the market today come from small, sole-proprietor custom shops that would be unfamiliar to the average consumer and unattainable to any of us […]