7 Go-to Songs for Any Wedding Reception

A wedding is a grand celebration of the union of two people and the start to a new life together. Friends and family gather from near and often far to take part in these festivities and to kick off the […]


How American Idol Judges Get Their Jobs

One of the many reasons American Idol as popular as it is, are the colorful personalities behind the judges’ table. The show wouldn’t be half as successful (or interesting) if the judges were dull, humorless people who contributed nothing to […]


Bear Crosses The Border

A titillating video which is sure to get a chuckle. I could barely hold back the giggles, pun intended. The Labatt Blue commercial that has gone viral on the Internet is full of puns itself. A frisky bear being frisked […]


The Top 5 Speaker Companies

There are literally thousands of speaker companies in the world, and many of the best products on the market today come from small, sole-proprietor custom shops that would be unfamiliar to the average consumer and unattainable to any of us […]


How Producers Make Rap Lyrics Radio Friendly

Rap lyrics can get pretty vulgar, but producers don’t let that stop a song from being successful on the radio. Instead, they make radio friendly lyrics stations can play without worrying about being penalized by the FCC. There are a […]


The 8 Dumbest Car Names Ever

  Harley Morenstein from Epic Meal Time is back at again with fun car facts. This time they all relate to the worst car names in history. Harley goes through the top 8 worst car names, and along the way […]


The Real Story Behind The Movie 21

Most people have no clue the move “21” is actually a fact based story about six MIT students who set up at the casinos in Las Vegas to cheat the system. The students are referred to as the “Black Jack […]


Everything You Need to Know About the Obama AMA on Reddit

As political candidates struggle to get in front of potential voters, they begin to reach out in different ways. Most everyone is familiar with both the President Obama’s  Facebook and Twitter account, but most recently, the Commander –in-Chief made a […]


Gangsta Lyrics: What DO they MEAN?

The world of music is one that overlays nearly every aspect of our lives. Everything we watch has a musical soundtrack of some kind. Every place we shop pipes in something for our listening pleasure. The technology that allows us […]


LineRocket Revolutionizes The Concert Experience

LineRocket Entertainment, the premier nightlife and ticketing service based out of Los Angeles, has officially launched its live-streaming platform called LineRocket Live. This will give you the ability to see some of the biggest, baddest live events without leaving the […]