5 Painfully Expensive Celebrity Divorces

Breaking up is hard to do. For celebrities who bypass the prenup, it can involve jaw-dropping sums of money. Though still ridiculously well off, having to fork over that kind of cash pours salt in the wound. With a morbid […]


The 5 Most Awesome Drinking Games

You’re drinking with some buddies and after talking and listening to Sublime for hours, someone busts out an acoustic guitar and you can see where this is headed. Instead of listening to a lame rendition of Jack Johnson’s “Banana Pancakes,” […]


7 Nostalgic SNES Games for any College Party

Released in the early 1990s and discontinued in 2003, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System had an amazing run of games ranging from forgettable shovelware to classics that find remakes on handheld systems today. Its long run of production means that […]


A Look at Tony Soprano’s Illustrious Criminal Career

Tony Soprano, the protagonist of the successful HBO series The Sopranos, is a hero to many who loved the show, but a nightmare for the law enforcement officials who spent their careers pursuing him. Played by the beloved James Gandolfini […]


GIFs of the Week

So we all know that the internet is chock full of hilarious pictures. Pictures of cats wearing superhero costumes, cats putting on funny faces, cats being cats… but the unsung comedic hero of funny pictures has got to be the GIFs. But anyway, here’s a few of the GIFs that made me laugh this week!


Xbox One or PS4: Which is better for a college student?

As the console wars are heating up, many people are left wondering which product is right for them. This is a complicated decision that involves looking at a number of the console’s traits. It is even more complicated for college […]


5 Secrets to Profiting From Mobile Games

It’s hard to imagine that massively popular mobile game companies anticipated how popular game titles would become for both casual and dedicated users. The mobile platform allows players to pass long stretches of time with exciting and addictive software titles. […]


Building the Ultimate Party House

When you’re in college, half of the things you will learn won’t be in a classroom — they’ll be at college parties. If you want to throw epic parties, you need to have at least six key items in your […]


6 PC Games That Are Perfect for a Rainy Day

So it’s raining and you’re stuck indoors without anything to watch on television? Don’t worry: there are plenty of great PC games to make your day worthwhile. Here are some great PC games suitable for any rainy day. 1. Bioshock […]


5 Ways to Reap the Benefits of College Football

Basketball season officially ended with the Heat narrowly taking the Championship Title after a grueling seven-game series. Heat and Spurs fans alike are hanging up their hats, and many are already taking to Facebook and Twitter, lamenting the lack of […]