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Ready or Not! Dressed for Real Life

Lots of career coaches tell potential employees to dress like the manager of the position that the candidate is applying for. So, if you want to be a fry chef, dress like the diner manager. If you want to be […]

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Fashion Tips for When You Have an Early Morning Class

Early morning classes are one of those unpleasant but often unavoidable things you have to face during your college career. While you might not have to suffer through one every semester, there’s going to come a point when you will. […]

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5 Tips for Choosing Hair Extensions

When you look great, you feel great … and nothing makes you feel quite as fabulous as gorgeous hair. Thank goodness for hair extensions! Whether you’re growing out your hair or you want to change up your look for a […]

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Simple Makeover Tips: Guys

College is a forgiving place when it comes to style.  You can blame bad style on being hung over, being creative, or being up all night studying for mid-terms.  But if you get someone black-out drunk and they still won’t […]

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New Jewelry Label Turns Guns Into Fashion

The fashion industry may have a reputation for vapid self-interest, but every so often an issue surfaces that’s so pressing even the fashionistas take notice. Liberty United: jewelry against gun violence With the launch of Liberty United, the fashion industry […]

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5 Sunglasses to Consider After You Lost Yours This Summer

So you’ve lost a great pair of sunglasses and you’re in the market for a new pair? You probably feel as though the pair you lost was irreplaceable. However, there are some really terrific sunglasses on the market right now. […]

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Funny Or Die? Be Dude…Bro

Dude V.S. Bro. Every since puberty we’re being groomed to be manoliths of the kingdom of male-hood. But, as we all know we gotta keep control of our earthy follicles of hairy mandom. No one wants to see your blankets […]


Industrial Chic on the Way Out?

Everything in this world goes around and around in cycles. Acid-wash jeans? Totally 80s – and they’re making a comeback. British bands? Started with the Beatles, but now, all we have is One Direction (the Spice Girls were in there […]

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Style Setter: Awesome Kicks You Might Actually Get Your Hands On

Right now everyone would love to own a pair of the Lebron “Miami vice”, or the Nike Yeezy 2′s(which I think are ugly), but let’s face it, unless you want to drop serious milk money, you aren’t getting anywhere close […]

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Achieve A World Class Shave [Video]

Most men have never been taught the proper way to shave. That should be standard fare, like learning to drive stick or tying a tie properly…but alas, the majority of men hack and slash at their faces in hopes that […]

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