Getting a Head Start on the Future

Attending college is a great start for making plans for the future. A college degree can open up doors for a career, family and fun. While for many, college is a time for fun, freedom and exploring, it also needs […]


3 Steps To Keep Your College Dorm Room Organized

Living away from home for the first time can be chaotic. Moving your things out of your parents’ house and into a college dorm room? Even more stressful. Add the fact that you’ll probably have a roommate, and you’ve got […]


5 Fast Ways To Get Rid of the Freshman 15

Freshman year in college almost always means gaining weight, and the “Freshman 15″ has become the standard marker for the 10-20 pounds—or more—often gained that first year of college. With a variety of root causes, college weight gain can often […]


5 Types of Guys College Women Don’t Want

Being out of college, I’m finding more and more about the dating scene post-college and reflecting back on my dating life during school. Five distinct type of guys I know came to mind and they each hit five different categories. […]


Exploring the New College City

Housing, shopping areas, day and night entertainment options are but some of the amenities that might interest college students who relocate to a different city to attend a local college or university. Numerous large communities across the country develop student […]

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How Student Entrepreneurs Can Create Campus Businesses

If there’s one thing college students should be aware of, it’s that the job market is a tough place to enter. A degree doesn’t guarantee a job, but a proactive attitude and business smarts certainly help young entrepreneurs along the […]


Advantages of Establishing a New Venture in College

College is a great time to begin exploring different avenues to pursue your career interests. It provides a chance for you to gain work experience, develop leadership skills and create a winning resume. It is also helpful to network with […]


Online Health Assistance For College Students

Making the decision to go back to school is a very important step. Taking the necessary actions to improve your quality of life takes a lot of courage. During the school years, students often find themselves lacking many necessary items. […]


Drawing A Chore Wheel for Your Dorm or Frat? Don’t Forget the HVAC

For many students on their own for the first time, spending the next few years away at college in a dorm, fraternity, sorority or off-campus housing is very exciting. However, it can also be a bit daunting to take on […]


College Students Getting a Taste of the Fine Life

College is a time when people strike out on their own. During this phase of their life, students are given the opportunity to experience many aspects of life that they may not have been exposed to earlier. Some of this […]