Misconceptions About Marijuana In College

The legalization of marijuana has been a topic of intense debate for decades. Only recently, in the United States and Canada, has the possibility of legalization become a reality. In the state of Colorado, adults over 21 years of age […]


Tips for Choosing a Freshman Dormitory

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5 Ways College Students Can Safeguard Their Cars While on Campus

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3 Great Cars for College Students

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Lack of Sleep Causes Poor College Performance

College students don’t make getting enough sleep a priority. Why would they when there are late night pizza runs, last minute cram sessions, and weekend keg parties to participate in? But like most kids, these students don’t realize what their […]


How To Survive As A Disabled College Student

In recent decades it has become easier to become a disabled student in most state and local colleges. Whether you are intending to go full time and utilize the help of financial aid, or you are currently collecting disability benefits […]


2014 Holiday Gifts for the College Student

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Your Back to College Checklist

Just because you’re in college doesn’t mean the thrill of crunching leaves beneath your new boots and opening that new notepad is any less thrilling. Autumn in college is where some of your best memories are made, from football games […]


Starting College with a Medical Condition

College is your time to form friendships, memories and skills that will last a lifetime. You survived high school, and this fresh start should fill you with excitement and hope. However, for freshmen with a medical condition, it can also […]