3 Vital Lessons Bloggers Should Learn from Mark Zuckerberg

If you’re serious about making money from blogging, it’s a good idea to learn not only from successful bloggers, but also from those who have made their fortunes in other areas of online business. The stand-out individual of recent times […]


How Your Facebook Page Can Ruin Your Job Prospects

Facebook is a wonderfully useful tool when it comes to hunting for a job. Your Facebook profile can help you get a job, and generally increase your visibility in the online arena. However, Facebook can also ruin your chances of […]


Possessing Marijuana in the Nation’s Capital Might Soon Be Legalized

A bill was proclaimed by D.C. member of the Council Tommy Wells last Wednesday that would permit proprietorship of minor quantity of cannabis. The “Decriminalization Amendment Act of Possession of Small Amount of Marijuana” seeks to eliminate criminal drawbacks for […]


The Hacker Girlfriend: One B**CH You Don’t Want Mess With (Video)

“SassiBob in Hacker Girlfriend takes the phrase ‘sexy geek’ to a whole new level: her performance is energetic and funny with crazy plot turns and hilarious twists from start to finish!”


Jamaican Olympians Throughout History [Infographic]

This summer millions sat glued to their televisions as athletes of every color, creed and country crouched down at starting lines intent on breaking records at the 2012 London Olympic games. While all of the athletes were impressive, many were […]


Baseball and Windows: You Make the Call

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j3HEwLOlxeg&feature=player_embedded[/youtube] Even if you’re not into baseball, you have to admit this is a cool idea. Windows has teamed up with a pair of editors from The Roosevelts to complete what’s been deemed the Windows Phone Baseball Bucket List. The idea […]


Facebook VS. Google [Infographic]

With Facebook recently going public with their IPO, one might wonder, how does Facebook as a corporation compare to the search engine giant Google, Inc.? This infographic sheds some light on the corporate structure and size of each company, with […]


Epic Pie Time: My Little Pony, Bacon Strips, Jack Daniels, and Skrillex All in One Weird Video

Okay, okay just hear me out for a second! I need to explain this to you. So My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is a TV show that has somehow grabbed the hearts of a certain group of males between the ages of 13 and something embarrassingly in the 20s (they call themselves Bronies). All you need to know is that they took a kids TV show and added some Epic Meal Time, Dubstep, and Apple Jack Daniels. Seriously, it’s hilarious, just trust me. I swear I’m still awesome…


SOPA Protest: Top 20 Tweets About #FactsWithoutWikipedia

At one point yesterday, 5 out of 10 trending topics were all SOPA and PIPA related, our favorite of which being #FactsWithoutWikipedia. In usual trending topic fashion, the Twitter-verse pulled out all their guns, trying to one-up each other and spread awareness at the same time. We’re here to honor those brave souls by giving you our definitive Top 20.


Help The Cause Against SOPA and PIPA. Sign The Petition.

Miss us? Well, we miss you too. Unfortunately, SOPA and PIPA are making their way through congress, and if passed would mean the end of our site, Brobible, Heavy, Reddit, and maybe even Twitter, Youtube, and Facebook. At the very least, it would be the end of the internet as we know it today. That’s why I’m making this post a link to the online petition you can sign to show your disdain for SOPA and PIPA. Help save us as well as all the other blogs you read, videos you watch, and images you laugh at on a day to day basis. Thank You!