Can You Study Better With Music?

You’ve heard the hype: Mozart turns babies into geniuses and if you have music as a crutch, not only is it easier to study, you’re also better at it. Better studying leads to better grades, or the ability breeze through […]


What Does DJ Dillon Francis Eat While Backstage At A Show?

What do one Malawian Orphan, the third season of Lost (on VHS) and a brand new 1983 G.I. Joe Storm Shadow Action Figure all have in common? They’re all items found on Diplo’s hospitality rider. A hospitality rider is, basically, […]


Top 5 Music Festivals To Visit By The End of The Summer

Despite the problems with humidity, annoying mosquito bites, summer is essentially everyone’s favorite season. With the warm weather here, long days and pleasant nights will be filled with famous music festivals that come with outdoor dance parties, free concerts, grand […]


5 Things Every DJ Must Do On The Mic

No matter how tight your set is, no matter now sweet your remixes are and no matter how many booties get to shaking on the dance floor, misrepresenting yourself on the microphone could severely hurt your chances for more gigs […]


Lee How’s “Heat” Is Straight Fuego

Hey Socialites, go ahead and check out this video with lyrics and girls hot enough to melt your popsicle this Fourth of July. Lee How’s new song “Heat” is directed by our very own Campus Socialite Alums, Jon Mann and […]


Afrojack Tears Down Pacha NYC

I’ve had this ongoing discussion with my friends “what would be the best concert line up of all time?” This argument can be put to rest because I’ve witnessed the GREATEST LINEUP OF ALL TIME. Fact me on that. As […]


Rap Lyrics Can Now Be Translated To Normal English

Have you ever wondered what it actually means to be a balla, and a shot calla? According to a new lyrics-humor site, Crackerize.com, it means you’re skilled at basketball and well-respected by your local street gang. Crackerize.com is a new […]


The Rebirth of the MC: D. Chamberz drops “Warrior Mentalilty”

If you are true Hip Hop head who believes that the art of being an MC is a skill that can’t be duplicated with auto-tune and over produced beats, then we have a treat for you. Everyone in the Campus […]


Na Palm Drops His New Podcast “Electronic Chronic”

Campus Socialite is proud to share with you our newest musical pleasure that is “Electronic Chronic” podcast. The host of this amazing showcase of EDM with rap lyrics over it is our favorite EDMC artist Nā Palm. You will remember […]


Krewella Releases Play Hard

Do you guys remember back in the day when Campus Socialite told you about Krewella? Most of you probably thought “WOW Campus Socialite really knows good music.” If you weren’t part of the “most of you,” then here is more […]