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Real Life Assassin’s Creed: Parkour in the Ruins of Angkor

This is some major ish. Team Farang (a bastardization of the word “foreign”) went on tour, freerunning in some of the world’s most wild places. Here they tackle the ruins of Angkor in Cambodia.

Primetime Video

Football Stadium Dubstep Light Show In Seattle

I was originally under the impression that this video takes place at Lucas Oil Stadium, before or immediately after the Super Bowl. Way to mislabel Youtube videos. Regardless, even at Centurylink Field in Seattle, this is still pretty damn cool….

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Katharine McPhee Posing Her Clothes Off for GQ

We haven’t seen Katharine since The House Bunny (2008), but she’s the star of NBC’s brand new show “Smash” and in this GQ photo shoot, she sheds a little clothing and makes us wonder why we ever forgot her name. Just ask Lindsay Lohan, because nothing semi-revives a career like a raunchy photo shoot. Especially with legs like those. You’re welcome.

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