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The Campus Socialite’s Morning Wood: Vikki Blows

Is that her real name? Who cares? I have one more Morning Wood before Matty Show comes back so I had to make it count, and Vikki Blows counts for 3. 1 point for ridiculous body, 1 point for low morals, and 1 point for the best model name in Morning Wood history. It’s a hard enough time finding pictures of these British glamour models actually wearing clothes usually, but for Vikki Blows it was especially difficult (hint hint). Happy Google Image searching fellas, and you’re welcome.

Sex and Relationships

The 25 Hottest Girls Of The Nineties

If you happened to check out our 25 Hottest Girls Of The 80′s gallery last week, you definitely knew this was coming. 80′s girls were hot and all, as are girls today. But there’s just something about a girl who reached her peak when you were 13-years old and just learning how to use your junk the right way. For me and many of you, that era of hotness is the 90′s. The hairstyles, outfits, and general quality might be grossly outdated but here are 25 Hottest Girls of the 90′s. Apologies if we left anyone out, and you’re welcome.

Sex and Relationships

The Campus Socialite’s Morning Wood: January 30, 2012

Welcome to Monday morning. Back to class, back to work, back to life. Might seem depressing but good thing there’s Seren Gibson to brighten up your day. Seren is from Wales, meaning she might just be the first Morning Wood of her kind. She’s also a former college student, but had to get into modeling to pay off her debt. From the looks of it, she made the right choice. You’re welcome.

Sex and Relationships

The Campus Socialite’s Morning Wood: January 29, 2012

Happy Sunday everyone. I’m sure you’re still asleep, but here’s a nice little present for when you wake up, although by no I’m sure you’re used to it. Today’s Morning Wood is lovely Melinda Messenger. We love all different types, shapes, and colors but there’s something about blonde hair and blue eyes and never ceases to stun. Helps if you have a killer body too. Good thing for us that Melinda is the full package. Enjoy.

Sex and Relationships

Brosome: Candice Swanepoel Doing The Usual (Gallery)

Here she is unleashing her killer hotness in a variety of brand spanking new Victoria’s Secret photos wearing nothing but skimpy lingerie. You guys would be hard pressed to see a hotter girl than Candice Swanepoel today.

Sex and Relationships

The Campus Socialite’s Morning Wood: January 27, 2012

I know I’m supposed to vary this a little bit, but unfortunately, I think I might be addicted to British Glamour Models. I apologize, but it’s debilitating. Today’s Wood from across the pond goes by the name Sammy Braddy. She’s hot, shiny, and I like to picture the accent when I look at her. Try it some time, but only in moderation. Trust me, I know better now.

Sex and Relationships

The Campus Socialite’s Morning Wood: January 26, 2012

Louise Cliffe is one of the finest representatives of my personal favorite combination: crystal blue eyes, jet black hair, and a killer set of everything. Romantic, right? Louise is another in a long line of British Glamour Models featured on this site, meaning the internet is littered with scandalous pics. Here’s my personal favorites of the ones that won’t lose us our advertising. Enjoy.

Sex and Relationships

Shay Maria Is Even Hotter In Stop Action (Video)

We might not love this as much as the Melanie Iglesias flipbooks, but any moving image of Shay Maria being hot is fine by us. The new trend in Hot Girl stop action videos is something we hope continues for a long time. So show your support for this wonderful movement in moving hotness by enjoying this video. You’re Welcome.

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Anna Kournikova Is Back, And Not On The Tennis Court (Gallery)

Anna Korunikova, the once promising international sweetheart, and less promising tennis player, is back with a recent photo shoot for Russia’s Tatler. Extreme airbrushing aside, girl looks good. Not Maria Kirilenko good, but good.

Sex and Relationships

The Campus Socialite’s Morning Wood: January 25, 2012

Let’s try to ignore the first three letters in her name for a second. Like most of our Morning Wood girls, Abi Titmuss is a Glamour Model, which is basically British for model with low morals. It was tough sifting through the Too Hot For TV Pics, but here’s one that gives you just about everything Abi has to offer. She’s hot, blonde, and those pink stockings really show off her…personality.

Sex and Relationships