Technology Takes on Rec Sports Injuries

Whenever a professional athlete suffers an injury, the regular news outlets and sports media report it immediately. The information is broadcast worldwide, and anyone who has even a remote interest in the athlete learns about the mishap. These injuries are […]


5 Artists to Listen to While Playing Sports

Nothing pumps you up more than hearing an excellent song by a great artist over the loudspeakers at a sports event. The stadium goes quiet and suddenly you hear a beat from the Black Eyed Peas or Beyonce. Then your […]


Brain Damage Focus of NFL Lawsuit

The “concussion lawsuit” is picking up steam, but don’t be fooled by the cutesy name. There’s been a massive lawsuit filed against the NFL by former players who experienced the brain degeneration of CTE. Over 5,000 former NFL players and […]


Why Gambling in College Sports Is Cause for Concern

Point shaving is a serious issue in college sports, and it’s at the core of a recent slew of investigations. The simple fact is that college athletes are more vulnerable to gambling influence than many professionals. The recent suspension of […]


What L.A. Thinks About the Sale of the Sacramento Kings

Kings fans have heard about it for a while: the Sacramento Kings are likely moving up north to Seattle. Back in February 2011, officials confessed that plans to relocate were being considered, and it seems like those plans might actually […]


Steelers Ta’amu Receives 2nd DUI Charge

It looks like Pittsburgh Steeler’s rookie nose tackle, Alameda Ta’amu, will be looking for a good DUI lawyer after the fourth round draft pick allegedly ran from the police and committed vehicular assault this past weekend. The 6’3” 348 lb. […]


What’s the point of the most dangerous outdoor pursuits?

Some say it’s camping in England in the height of what is laughingly called “summer”.  The cheap tent that really should be used in the back garden during a heat wave can’t cope with monsoon downpours that throw hailstones the […]


Bo Ryan’s Strange Interview On Mike And Mike In The Morning

Wisconsin Head Basketball Coach Bo Ryan tries to explain his controversial position on banning freshman Jarrod Uthoff from transferring. Instead, he comes across as a complete asshole on Mike and Mike in the Morning making for great television.


Delonte West Gives Gordan Hayward A Wet Willie

Dallas Mavericks guard Delonte West gives Gordan Hayward of the Utah Jazz something you might do on the playground when you were 6 years old. A Wet Willie! Watch the footage right here.


It Sucks To Be The Other Michael Jordan

ESPN’s marketing campaign of It’s Not Crazy, It’s Sports released a funny new commercial featuring Michael Jordan, except it’s not actually the MJ we have fallen in love with. Check out what happens to this guy when he shares the same famous name.