How to Make Your Business Wi-Fi a Moneymaker

Not so long ago, simply having a computer in the office was a luxury, but today’s business office has both employees and clients walking in with computers in their hands. Now that tablets and smartphones are part of normal society, […]


The New Data War on Streaming Technology

For the last ten years streaming media has swiftly become the entertainment of choice for many consumers. It’s also the quickest way information and news is reaching a mass audience in terms of on-demand services. In fact, subscriptions to cable […]


How Titanfall Will Change Online Gaming Forever

Respawn Entertainment founder Vince Zampella recently told his audience via Twitter that Titanfall is going to have a maximum of twelve players during online multiplayer. This decision by Redspawn Entertainment makes each match of the much-anticipated game a six versus […]


Why Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare Will Be The Best Game of 2014

The Plants vs. Zombies franchise has been a hit since it first came to mobile devices. Now, the team over at PopCap Games and EA have created the next game in the franchise, adding to an already insanely fun game. […]


Xbox One sales Outpace PS4

Since the release of the original Xbox in 2001, the console wars have come to be dominated by two big names: Sony and Microsoft. With each generation, these two industry leaders have pushed the limits of hardware and constantly struck […]


A Cloud Computing Legend Steps Down

Jason Hoffman of Joyent, a San Francisco-based cloud computing company, announced he was leaving the game in September 2013. As one of the pioneers of cloud computing, he’d co-founded the company ten years ago. But just as cloud computing is […]


MacBook or a PC Laptop? Which is Better for Students?

When deciding on which laptop you should bring to college with you, it’s important to think about your specific field of study. Some students will find that Windows PCs work best for their particular subject, while others will find that […]


7 Potential Problems When Your Blog Starts to Make Money

Bloggers work so hard to get their site monetized that they often don’t know what to do when it happens. There are plenty of pitfalls before you get there, but the biggest challenges often turn up after the money starts […]


5 Easy Ways to Implement Responsive Design in WordPress

Responsive design is just what it sounds like: It’s a way to design a website so that it “responds” on every platform, whether someone is using a ten-year-old PC or the latest smartphone. It’s a crucial aspect of web development […]


Does Galaxy Note 8 Spell the End of Pen and Paper?

Apple and the iPad effectively invented the tablet market as we know it today, but Samsung has been redefining what a tablet can, or rather should, be. Already famous for pushing the bounds of the smartphone with the Galaxy Note […]