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It can be tedious drinking the same thing all the time. Sure, I like vodka, but I don’t want to drink it everyday. And in college, chances are that you are drinking everyday (possibly even in the morning). Or very close to that amount – especially if you are in your last stretch of senior year.

But the problem is, you are on a budget. So what do you do when you can’t afford to buy your favorite flavored liquor? Or when you find yourself buying a Hurricane or two in the bottle shop again, because you couldn’t afford to go to the bar?

The answer is to make something that will last, has a lot of alcohol, and is also cheap. Now, I’m not condoning drinking 5 Four Lokos or making do-it-yourself-Moonshine, but a little jungle juice never hurt anyone (too bad).


For your next pregame or party, all of these recipes work for a crowd and won’t have you looking for change under the couch so you can do your laundry the next day. If you split the ingredients with your roommates or friends, it will end up being a lot cheaper than buying a handle of Three Olives and some ginger ale.

Jungle Juice

The drink they tell you to stay away from at orientation, Jungle Juice is like a college rite of passage. Your first cup of Jungle Juice, the first time you got so drunk from Jungle Juice you thought it was a good idea to flash your R.A., and the first time you swore you’d never drink the stuff again.

2 Handles of vodka or Everclear if you’re feeling frisky

2 gallons of fruit juice

2 gallons of lemonade

Fruit – big bag of frozen fruit, or your favorite fresh fruit cut up

Cut up the fruit or pour the frozen fruit bag into your large container. Add the booze. Stir consistently as you add the juice and lemonade. Add some ice and you are good to go.



Skippies are something I had never heard of until college. They taught me that you can mix liquor and beer together and create something delicious. Skippies are easy to make, cheap, and will get a whole party dancing on tables if you do it right.

1 case of cheap beer (Natty light, the college man’s best friend)
1 container of powdered lemonade
1 Handle of vodka

Mix together the case of beer and the vodka. Add the powdered lemonade and the ice, stir and keep cold while serving. Enjoy.

Gin Bucket


My first and last experience with a gin bucket was a good one. And by good I mean that I was drunk after three and wasn’t asked to show my boobs for a beer the whole night.

1 handle of Gin

3 liters of Sprite or other clear soda

1 can of frozen limeade

Fresh lime optional

Put all ingredients together in a bucket full of ice. If you’re fancy, add sliced limes.

Black Out Juice


My best friends from college made up this recipe for the parties they used to throw in their tiny eighth floor apartment. Not ones to skimp on the booze, they decided to make a drink like a gin bucket, but more fun and with less mixers. It’s a drink you suck up into turkey basters and pour down your guests’ throats! Yes! College!

1 handle of vodka

1 cup of sugar

10 lemons

10 limes

Pour the vodka into a bucket. Add the sugar and juice from lemons and limes. Keep lemons and limes in bucket. If you are fun, buy a few turkey basters and keep them in the bucket so you can serve it the right way.


Have any awesome drink recipes of your own? Share them in the comments!

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    1. Handle = half gallon and a case is 24 to 30 beers a twelve pack is a twelve pack and eighteen pack is an eighteen pack… Before you drink learn your lingo and quantitys boss

      1. Josh, I have been drinking since the early 1980s KID !!.. America is not the center of the universe and the rest of the world is not to be expected to learn your backward lingo.There is a very big difference between 24 and 30 WTF !!!! A twelve pack IS a pack and so is an 18 pack a “pack”.Also a U.S.A. gallon is not the same as an “imperial gallon” ( which is used in the rest of the world) the original gallon or 8 pints.Americans got it mixed up somewhere along the way.So before you open your mouth open your mind.The world is much bigger than the U.S..

        1. Well excuse me that you live in a third world country and don’t know how to count or read properly… Wow you’ve been drinking since the 80’S? Congrats on proving the theory “beer kills brain cells” and furthermore, how does it feel to be schooled by a “kid”? I can’t help the fact your a slow tard and cannot figure out the difference between 12,18,24, or 30 beers… So on that note, ‘MURICA!!

          1. I had a question about the jungle juice. With 4 gallons of juice to 1 gallon of liquor is it strong enough ????

          2. I used half of a fifth of grain. Half of a fifth of triple sec, a whole fifth of watermelon pucker , whole fifth of 99 peaches, and a whole fifth of cherry vodka, I mixed 3 liters of sprite, and a gallon and a half of hawian punch, mixed in assorted fresh fruits, (oranges, strawberrys, watermelon, and cherries) I got a return yield of 5 gallons… It was delicious…

    2. In the States you literally can buy these massive bottles of alcohol that have handles and it’s cheap too! We’re missing out in Aus or wherever you’re from.

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