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Check Out This Interactive, Touch Screen Pool Table by Obscura Digital

cuelight pool table

Nothing says Man-Cave like a sweet, over-sized Pool Table. Pool Halls may be where the Dregs of the Earth go to drink Michelob Ultra and piss all over toilet seats, but sitting in the middle of your basement, it will always be a symbol of status and that you know how to throw a party. Even in the world of Pool Tables however, there must be a King and I believe I’ve just discovered it. The Obscura Cuelight Pool Table has a touch screen, interactive surface, reacting to your every move in whatever manner you see fit. Seriously badass.

The question I’m having a lot of trouble answering is how the fuck do I get one of these. Right now it seems like it’s in limited distribution. You can see one in person at Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, Esquire SoHo Apartment and Paradise Tower Penthouse, all classy as fuck places that I’m sure make perfect homes for something so gawdy. It might look a little strange sitting in your Frat House basement, and it’s probably not a good idea to have sex on it, but a conversation piece and chick magnet it will never cease to be. Check out Obscura Digital for more info and the awesome video demonstration above.