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College Park PD: Drunk Girl Gets Arrested Outside Cornerstone (Video)


Mad props to our good friend Andrew Fisher who sent us this video. Apparently this girl got a little too shwilly on her 21st birthday, and well, it just didn’t end well. Needless to say, this whole incident happened right outside one of our favorite places in the country: Cornerstone at the University of Maryland. Hey! I think I know that security guard! Anyway, it’s not just the arrest that makes this video amazing, but the girl’s subsequent escape from handcuffs and re-arrest. Add in some slight police brutality and lots of drunk college students standing around making funny comments, and you’ve got yourself one hell of a hilarious viral video. If you’ve got a video that you think tops this one, send it over to us and we’ll get it on the blog. Check it out after the jump!