Halo 4 and MLB 2K12 Official Trailers Released


Halo 4

The Microsoft developer, 343 Industries, has released an official trailer for Halo 4, a game that has long been anticipated. No major changes have yet to be announced to the beloved franchise video game (which is good). Master Chief along with the Red and Blue Spartan soliders will make their return in, and rumors swirl that the actual reason will be given as to why the two colors are fighting in the first place. Halo 4 is expected to be released closer to the holiday season, making a perfect excuse as to why you didn’t do your final term paper.

Professor: Why didn’t you finish your research paper?

Student: Well I was… (Playing Halo 4? No, can’t say that.) helping my grandmother move in to her new apartment.

Enjoy the trailer.



MLB 2K12

Kate Upton, a $1 million dollar challenge, and Justin Verlander mimicking Randy Johnson. In short, the MLB 2K12 trailer is worth taking the time to watch.

Today marks the first day the game is available in stores nationwide. MLB 2K12 gives fans an earlier reason to start celebrating baseball and feel like they’re taking an active part in spring training, and the 2012 season beginning on April 4th. Check out said trailer, right below.



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