iPhone And Siri In Next Mercedes-Benz A-Class


The new Mercedes-Benz A-Class model will feature the iPhone and Siri. You will now be able to sync Facebook and Twitter with your car by getting the Drive Kit Plus (DKP) app. Great, wasn’t drunk driving enough? Now we’ll have to deal with drunk facebookers and/or drunk twitterers out on the road.

One benefit will be the ability to command the address of your location using the built in GPS. Personally, Siri annoys me or at least their commercials do. “Call me rock god.” Sorry Apple, nobody should call a 14-year old “Rock God.” Regardless, it’s the first time Apple has allowed another brand that doesn’t end in 4s to incorporate Siri into one of their products.

Pretty much this is OnStar on steroids. Whatever you would normally use Siri on your iPhone for, you can now do in your luxury car. While most college students probably aren’t rolling up to school in a Mercedes-Benz, it’s something we can all strive for after putting in those late night hours.



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