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Lake Of The Ozarks Party Cove, Where Dreams Also Come True

Our featured article on Lake Havasu has been getting tons of attention, I don’t know if its from people looking for a great summer road trip location or just some old man looking for college students partying.

Anyway, we decided to fill all you Campus Socialites in with another party destination that is under the radar but lives up to the hype of Lake Havasu. In the middle of Missouri (you’re welcome Missouri, we are putting you on the map) lies a hidden paradise where the booze is always flowing, the boats are all perfectly in line, the sun is always shinning, and girls are always topless. Lake of the Ozarks, a lake in the middle of Missouri has a designated area for all you partiers called Party Cove. Lets face it, with a name like Party Cove how bad can it really be?

Starting Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day thousands of people come to Party Cove in boats and leave all self respect on shore. What actually seems like some far away galaxy, the lake is surrounded by woods so all you can see is the gorgeous water views and tress. This place is pure madness in the best way, everyone is walking or swimming carefree from boat to boat – meeting new people, pounding beers, and hooking up. Each boat has its own crazy party going on and it’s pretty much Mardi Gras on water. If you dont have a yacht, speedboat, row boat, inflatable tube, no worries Lake of the Ozarks has plenty of rental locations surrounding the lake where you can rent from. At night the Lake does not shut down, rather it opens up its dockside bars. On the shore of Party Cove are a handful of bars which have the same atmosphere as those you would find on a spring break trip. You can literally dock your boat on the lake, hang out on the boat, go hit the bar scene, have a little nightcap action, pass out and wake up in the middle of the party all over again. Talk about living the dream.┬áIf you are planning a road trip this summer and can’t go out west and hit Lake Havasu, I strongly recommend somehow getting down to Party Cove, just let me know beforehand…I got shotgun.