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20 Hot Pictures of Men In Black 3 Hottie, Alice Eve

The web is literally having a panic attack right now over the Men In Black 3 trailer. Seems like all Hollywood has up its sleeves nowadays is remake, after sequel, after remake, but like with every other bastardization of a legend, we’ll try to be hopeful. Criticism aside, while everyone else was watching the trailer, we were already asking the burning question: who is going to be the Hot Girl draw?The answer is a beautiful, blonde, and british girl by the name of Alice Eve.

You might remember Alice from Entourage (Sophia) and from She’s Out Of My League (Molly). You may have even seen her full nude sex scene in Crossing Over. Point is, even after all our friends tell us how shitty MIB 3 is, we can still pay the $14 (it’s in 3D, right?) and grab a popcorn knowing Alice Eve is making an appearance. I apologize for the unusual amount of fully clothed pictures by the way. She’s just that classy.