New Jersey Nets Owner Raps, And It’s Not Jay-Z



Other than Mark Cuban, Mikhail Prokhorov is by far one of the coolest NBA owners. Prokhorov’s estimated net-worth is $18 billion, which according to Forbes ranks 32nd on the list of richest men in the world. His resume also includes once arranging prostitutes for all of his dinner guests during a Christmas party.

Prokhorov is currently running for president in his home country of Russia. Apparently though his poll numbers are weak, and he needs all the help he can get. Bill Clinton once went on The Aresenio Hall Show to boost his polling numbers, so maybe Mikhail Prokhorov was hoping for the same type of magic after appearing on a late night comedy show in Russia. Word of advice; you’re awesome, but in the future, leave the rapping to your friend and New Jersey Nets Co-Owner, Jay-Z.



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