With the announcement that Playboy wants to start a Playboy Club out in space only one question needs to be asked. Are you fucking kidding me? I know Newt Gingrich during a presidential debate talked about starting a moon colony, but that didn’t mean people had to take him seriously. Playboy bunnies in space seems absolutely absurd, but apparently this is not some dumb blond joke. Billionaire Richard Branson and his company Virgin Galactic are attempting to launch the first passenger space liner service for $200,000 a seat. Playboy feels this is the future of entertainment and actually wants to take you along with their ladies to a galaxy far, far away…

They are attempting to create an atmosophere featuring a zero gravity dance club, and a casino with “human roulette.” They want you to feel like you’ll be on a cruise ship. Look if this actually occurred I would be the first one to join the party. Hooking up with hot naked chicks in space is every man’s fantasy. Until this happens for real though, I’ll keep on dreaming.




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