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The Situation pre Jersey Shore
That guy in the middle makes more money than you…

College students across the nation are starting to head back to school and while we’re forced to spend long hours in libraries and listening to lame teachers ,there are people out there like Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino who are pretty much paid for nothing.

Usually I’m a huge fan of most of MTV’s programming, but I think I actually have to take a stand and say…REALLY?  Jersey Shore’s The Situation is getting paid FIVE MILLION dollars this year.  Yeah you let that sink in  for a while you’re trying to write that thirty page paper.

The Situation

While I’m sitting here going to school to get a real job, The Situation drinks and hooks up with grenades and gets paid major bucks. That’s it I’m done educating myself I’m going over to MTV to get a reality show. Not quite sure how that’d work out but I’m going to try it.  That seems like a much better route than sitting in classrooms all day.

There are plenty of people that I think we all think should make five million dollars in a year, like the president of the United States, or you know someone who is actually entertaining us, but The Situation is not one of those people.

MTV if you have money to just throw away how about you just fix this recession we’re in, or better yet how about you donate it to us deserving college students. Not The Situation.

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