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Ten Tim Tebow Tweets

By now you must have heard Tim Tebow will be joining the New York Jets. What does that mean for Mark Sanchez? How many snaps will Tim Tebow get under center? Can the Wildcat offense still work? There’s still roughly six months before we get any answers to these questions. We could have tried to analyze and break down the latest transaction. Although if that’s what you were looking for, you probably would have turned to ESPN. Instead we wanted to present you with the best ten tweets revolving around #Tebow and his arrival to the Big Apple. Hope you enjoy!

Prepping for his move to New Jersey, #Tebow gets "GTL" tattooed on his arm. Unfortunately he thinks it stands for "God's True Love" #Almost
Futbol is my Footbal
Jets take Tebow.Hope he can part the red zone!#Tebow
Adam Ferrara
Breaking News: Inside sources are reporting that the Jets acquired Tim Tebow to perform an exorcism on Santonio Holmes. #Tebow
Gonna be awkward the first time Peyton Manningkneels down to tie his shoe. #Tebow-ing #fb
Andrew Gil
#Tebow to the Jets and #Payton gets suspended...does the Catholic Church know that a virgin and a saint are getting fucked today?
Men's Humor
I laughed. RT @: @ who's a better bounce passer in New York #Linsanity or #Tebow ?
Jared Dubin
The good news is, now that he's in media capitol of the world Tebowmania can finally get the coverage it deserves. #Jets #Tebow
Robert Flores
Since Jets don't look at trade details, Mets should try to unload Jason Bay on them... #Tebow
Eric Stangel
When #Tebow finds out how many Jews there are in New York he's gonna be PISSED.
National Lampoon
#Tebow made a deal with #Sanchez said he throw a touchdown for every high school prom Mark Sancez goes to #BABOOM
Jackie moon