The Andes Teletransporter Is Real And It’s Spectacular

teletransporter 2


When first watching this video, it seemed like a clever overseas beer commercial. After further examination, the Andes Teletransporter actually exists. Andes is one of the leading beers in Argentina. The beer company proceeded to invent Teletransporter Booths which are located in bars across Mendoza, Argentina.

These booths allow guys to do what they naturally do best…LIE. Individuals can now be at a bar with their friends and literally walk into the Teletransporter Booth located right inside the bar. Afterwards one simply chooses a sound effect to create the perfect excuse as to why they were out drinking as opposed to spending “quality time” with their significant other. Imagine if this futuristic product were incorporated into bars thorughout the country? Enjoy the commercial, and American bar owners, take notice.


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