Even though these viral web sensations across college campuses usually don’t get more than 15 minutes of fame, every once in a while you get one like last summers “Icing” phenomenon that has the legs to make it for an entire season.  This summer we have been blowing through the viral trends.  It started with “Planking.”  Actually my least favorite of all viral memes.  It was stupid and I don’t think it was even funny.  Still you had the likes of Gilbert Arenas, Dwight Howard, and entire college football team touchdown dances planking all over the place.  Then there was leisure diving, which I actually engaged in this weekend.  Funny for like 3 dives, and then it gets played out.  Now, finally something that I think has some humorous potential, “Owling”.


Owling, is all about squatting, arms pressed toward the ground and eyes locked in a wise, faraway gaze.  Feel free to make hoot noises for added crowd reactions.  They say it originated in Australia.  At The Campus Socialite, we wrote about this a little while back.  But it was a pledging technique called the Gargoyle.  The Gargoyle is such a doper name for this trend then freaking Owling.  As you will read in the article that Tyler R Spaulding wrote explaining what the Gargoyle is, basically a pledge sits in the “Owling” formation described above, squatting either on the back of the toilet bowl or on the near by sink, with a role of toilet paper in his hand, and feeds you toilet paper as you take a shit.  Now this is classic move.

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Celebrities like Hilary Duff tweeted and shared a picture of her Owling while attempting to avoid Carmaggedon.  This “Owling” viral movement is just a funny sight to see.  Imagine you’re at a crowded bar and out of the corner of your eye you see a cute girl sitting on the bar “owling”.  The only thing you can do is turn to your friend and say, that girl in the proper hat is Owling the shit out of me.  Below are some more classic Owlers.


Some Hot Hooters Chicks, Appropriately Owling.


Here some cute girl, probably just drank the frat house punch, and is now Owling at the top of the stairs.

cute chick owling

In Office Owling.


And while your Owling, grab a T-Shirt.


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