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Top 15 MOST Insensitive Tweets About Casey Anthony

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Twitter is constantly surging. Politics, sports, murder trials, everything is fair game. However, when some event takes over every single trending topic on your top 10 list, you know it’s big. Yesterday accused murderer, and sorta hottie, Casey Anthony, was acquitted of murdering her daughter. The jury might have found her innocent, but Twitter does not feel the same. The celebrities and common folk came out in droves to bash the trial and Anthony herself. Some of them, despite the serious circumstance, were actually pretty clever. For a special edition Top Tweets, Campus Socialite brings to you The Top 15 Tweets About Casey Anthony. See if you can top them.

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I can't believe Scott Peterson and Casey Anthony got away with killing Jonbenet Ramsey.
Casey Anthony found not guilty. Can’t wait for her 2 be arrested in a few years for trying to steal back her own memorabilia #whitefemaleOJ
Lisa Lampanelli
Hide yo kids, hide yo wife, hide yo husband, they killing everybody out here and the jury is finding them #notguilty
Now I'm stuck with 100,000 "Guilty" T-shirts that I can't sell. #notguilty
Will Ferrell
I have two questions: Is this not a travesty of justice? And is she single? #caseyanthonyverdict
Jeffrey Ross
Fox News is now blaming President Obama for the #CaseyAnthonyVerdict
keith lyle
I hope Casey Anthony's mother kills her.
Kevin Biggins
Casey: "Mom? Dad? I'm home!" Cue: 'The Bitch is Back' by Elton John. (Opening from new sitcom: "The Anthonys")
Alec Sulkin
Octomom and Casey Anthony in a new reality show where they compete to get sober men to shoot loads inside them. It's called "The Apocalypse"
Joe Rogan
Kids only matter in this country when they are fetuses.
Roseanne Barr
Remember, the Casey Anthony trial will be decided by a jury of her peers. Hot murderers.
Alec Sulkin
The Casey Anthony Trial, written by M. Night Shyamalan.
I'm setting Casey Anthony up on a blind date with my friend Dexter Morgan, who is also from Florida.
Casey Anthony Trial. Worst. Season. Finale. Ever. #notguilty
Munchie the agent
Relax, it's only a matter of time before Casey is convicted of robbing a hotel room full of sports memorabilia #caseyanthonyverdict
Mo Rocca