Top Five Places to Get Recruited as a Student


We’ve all heard that the job market is worse than ever before. Students are graduating and staying unemployed, or getting jobs outside of their field in alarming rates. However, while some students do end up unhappily employed or unemployed after college, plenty more end up with gainful employment. With so many ways to find jobs, we’ve decided to simplify: here are the top five places to get recruited as a student.

1. Internships/Practicums

As a student, internships and practicums can feel unfulfilling. However, these types of work can be a huge help in getting a foot in the door. By applying and interning at a desirable organization, students have a much better chance at becoming employed by that organization after the internship. Other companies also love seeing real-world experience, and often hire students who have pursued internships.

Furthermore, by gaining first-hand experience in the business world and discovering what the field actually is like, students find themselves more hirable once they are ready to get into the job market.

2. Recruitment Services

Recruitment services [] are a great way to gain audience at valuable companies. Recruitment service companies have a wide variety of jobs available with a large number of hiring companies. These services work to help students find their way through the job process and get placed in exciting opportunities. Recruiters also have insider knowledge of employment opportunities and what exactly the hiring companies are looking for in an applicant.

3. Online and Social Networks

By staying active in a community and establishing an online presence, students can draw recruiters in. Establishing an online following through Twitter, LinkedIn, or a blog generates a network wider than one individual could create through real-world interactions. When students show their expertise, experience and enthusiasm for their field, recruiters won’t hesitate to hire.

4. Job Fairs

Most colleges and community centers have job and career fairs. This is an excellent place for students to meet and chat with potential employers. Armed with current resumes, a good attitude, and professional attire, students are able to network with a large number of companies looking to hire in a short period of time!

5. Direct Contact

Of course, there is always direct contact as a means to get recruited. Companies almost always have a career or jobs section on their website, and won’t hesitate to share job openings with excited applicants. Using thorough research and distributing resumes to a wide range of companies, students often find their success rates during job-hunts going up.

Even if contacting companies directly does not result in a job, this still opens up a student’s network, provides valuable experience in finding, applying, and interviewing for jobs, and possibly provides other opportunities for students through the grapevine.

Although the transition from student to career can be scary, simply jumping into the job market is the best way to start.


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