What do women want?  A nice hot bath filled with bubbles, pleasant aromas, and nurturing.  Well, women really want more than that, but most women would agree that a nice hot bath is always a good idea.  So what is it about a bath that is so alluring to women, and why does it seem to be a universal theme with them?

To a woman, a bath is symbolic of relaxation.  It is a time and space that belongs only to her.  Truly it is why there are so many bath products for women out there.

Women tend to hold on to their stresses more so than men.  This is because society has long suppressed the woman’s ability to express herself and explain what is stressing her out.  On the occasion that a woman chooses to reveal her feelings and stresses, she is subject to a different level of scrutiny than a man doing the same thing.  She is told that she is being emotional, unreasonable, or just flat-out wrong to feel the way that she does.

In a family situation, the woman traditionally holds the nurturing role.  All the members of the family willingly share what is stressing them out, unloading emotions on her.   Yet when the woman needs some of that same nurturing support back from her family, she finds that her problems fall on deaf ears.  Children do not understand the challenges of being a mother.   Husbands do, but have their own set of stressors to deal with and are often not emotionally equipped to provide the support she needs.

At work, it is much the same, but even more complicated.  The woman is expected to behave like a lady, be feminine, understanding, and open, yet she is expected to make important decisions like a man.  Then there is the interesting dynamic of dealing with other women in the workplace that are stressed out by the same paradox.  The women, like their male counterparts, do not want to show weakness and will suppress their stresses in order to stay employed.

When women are stressed out by all these factors at once, she finds herself with few outlets.  This is why the bath is so important.  It provides the woman an outlet for relaxation.  The warmth soothes her aching body and allows her mind to go free, even if just for a few moments.  She can breathe deeply.  She can even make it fancy and decadent by using therapeutic bath products for women such as bubble bath, essential oils, or fizzy bath bombs.

Women love a good bath because it is a little treat for them that is easy, accessible, and soothing.  Given all the ways that women are pushed and pulled by modern existence, it is easy to understand the allure of the nice hot bath.


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